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At MobileFolk, we help startup founders turn ideas to reality. We build, launch, and grow innovative software which gives startups that edge on established competitors.

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IOS android react


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How do we do it?

  • communication
    Open communication and trust

    Open communication and trust

    A software project is never developed in a vacuum. Before software development can begin, we need to understand how it fits within your business. What challenges are you trying to overcome? How can we find the shortest path to meet your goals? What tradeoffs need to be made during development? We help you ask the important questions, and give you honest feedback so you can make the right decisions. Open a line of communication with us contact

  • alex
    Experienced Team

    Experienced Team

    We developed our first mobile app in 2008, shortly after the iOS App Store launched. We have worked with clients ranging from solo entrepreneurs to publicly traded companies. We have seen the rise in cloud computing, the shift in mobile development to React Native, watched many frameworks come and go, and went through the app store approval process countless times. Our experience allows us to build and refine internal processes and project management techniques that are critical to the execution of a successful project. Read more about our software development process our process

  • Iphone
    Attention to Detail

    Attention to Detail

    First impressions matter. New products need to impress, and users expect high quality app experiences. We pay attention to the details that add up: user interface, spelling, functionality, edge cases. This is why we have a dedicated QA team. Check out some of the ideas that we have helped bring to reality case studies

Portfolio Highlights

LYRICMERCH case study

Check out this case study of

  • comment

    The guys at MobileFolk deliver on all levels and are fantastic to work with! A high standard of work at a very affordable price. They do a great job for Shuffle and so will they for you. I highly recommend Alex and his team of professionals.

    Craig, Founder/CEO @ Shuffle
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    MobileFolk pays attention to the minutiae so I don't have to, I love that! I'm not a programmer, so I really appreciate the fact that I can just tell them how the software should function and they takes it from point A to point B without having to involve me in every little detail. It just gets done. As a business owner, it doesn't get any better! I'd highly recommend Alex and his team to anyone that is looking for quality work at a very competitive price point. If you're a startup or looking for enterprise level software, you can't go wrong with MobileFolk!

    Paul Nikolas
    ShowSlinger, LLC.
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    When I work with MobileFolk I know that I'm working with professionals who knows all the current technology, and at the same time has an easygoing and open working style. I trust them with providing sound advice and strategic guidance on any of my projects. MobileFolk's business acumen means that at the end of the day, I know I will be getting a quality product that not only makes sense for the end-user but also meets my business needs. MobileFolk always delivers and I'm confident everyone else who works with them will be thoroughly impressed by their work!

    Darryl Ballantyne

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